All About Wild Waters Rafting

The Bay of Fundy

The Bay of Fundy

Wild water rafting not only gets the whole family together for some serious fun but also gets everyone outdoors and enjoying the beautiful summer weather to the fullest. No matter the level of intensity you’re looking for, with Wild Waters Rafting trip options you can find the perfect one that suits your needs.

Wild Waters Rafting offers three different rafting trips: wild, super wild, and extremely wild. With these three different options, we offer a rafting trip for everyone! Each of these trips can be completed in a half-day or full day and are unique to any other rafting trip.

Many people are familiar with white water rafting however tidal bore rafting is slightly different and much more unique. Here’s how it works:

• The tidal bore is a natural occurring event that transpires right before your eyes!

• Twice each day the greatest tides in the world course up and down the Shubenacadie River from it’s sudden change in direction.

• When the moon is at its peak, the tides are especially strong and a wall of water flows against the out going current, creating a tidal bore and many standing waves (these natural occurrences can actually take your breath away as you splash your way up the river).

• With our highly skilled and experienced team, you get to experience this one of a kind world phenomenon in the forefront.

There is truly no other rafting trip like those at Wild Waters Rafting. After you experience the tidal bores, you will also get to pass areas with 200 foot red sandstone cliffs towering high above, rolling farmers fields, all of which lined with the magical Fundy mud that has the consistency of chocolate pudding.

Between the rafting, exquisite scenery, ideal location, and a lodge that overlooks the river and tidal bores; we can guarantee that a summer trip to Wild Waters Rafting will be one the whole family will remember forever.

For more information or to have any of your questions answered, please contact our team at 1 855 393 RAFT(7238) or

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