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Wild Waters is located on the colchester side of the Shubenacadie river, on the Riverside road. Wild Waters lodge has a great location with the best view. The tidal bore is easily viewable from our lookoff for those not willing or able to raft.

Experience the most epic rafting adventure in World on the Shubenacadie River.  Raft the powerful  natural phenomenon as it develops before your very eyes. The river changes direction suddenly with a tsunami style wave named the “Tidal Bore”,  which is quickly followed by a massive flood of ocean water,  creating large tidal rapids. Watch as the tranquility of Nova Scotia’s largest river transforms into a ragging beast. No regular white water river can compare to the power of the Fundy tide as it blasts up the Shubenacadie river.  Along your rafting trip you will pass areas with 200 foot red sandstone cliffs towering high above, to rolling farmers fields, all lined with the magical Fundy mud that has the consistency of chocolate pudding. We guarantee you will agree that your Shubenacadie River Rafting experience is absolutely spectacular!



Cancellation Policy

A credit card number is required for confirmation of your booking. Customers must give 72 hours notice of cancellation. Any cancellations or change in numbers made past the 72 hours will be charged 50% of the total invoice. No shows will be charged in full.Note* Large groups (8 or more) must give 2 weeks notice of cancellation or change in numbers. Any cancellations made past the 2 weeks will be charged 50% of the total invoice. No shows will be charged in full 


Tidal Bore Safety: Tidal bores are dangerous and have a sinister reputation around the world. It is not safe to wonder out onto the bottom of the River or the Bay during low tide. The tide times are different for every location, and is often early due to local weather conditions. You cannot out run  the tide.