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The Bay of Fundy

The Bay of Fundy

The Bay of Fundy

You may have not been there before, but you’ve definitely heard about it. The Bay of Fundy is known as the tidal bore; outflowing rivers that flow back upstream as the tide rolls in.

The word “bore” derives from the Old Norse word “Bara”, meaning a wave.

A tidal bore is the leading edge of the incoming tide forms waves of water, which travels up a river or against the direction of the current. Fundy’s tidal bore is magnificent, and you should plan to view it from all view ranges for a full tidal experience.

Bores usually occur in areas with large tidal ranges and relatively in few locations worldwide. The Bay of Fundy has incoming tides that are funneled into a shallow river. The funnel shape increases the height of the tide. But also decreases the time of the flood tide down to where the flood can appear as a sudden increase in water level.

There are several places in the Bay of Fundy to watch a tidal bore; two high tides and two low tides within 24 hours. There is a time of 6 hours and 13 minutes between a low and high tide. Visitors to the Fundy coast can expect to see one high and one low tide during daylight hours.

The tide doesn’t come in with a wild splash or rushing wall of water. The Bay flows across the beach, and rises until the expanse of mud and gravel is under the sea again.

Tide times move ahead an hour each day, and differ from locations around the Bay. One of the best ways to experience the wonders of the Bay of Fundy is to visit the same location at a hide tide, then come back six hours later for the lower tide. The rapids of a tidal bore are between 10 to 12 feet, which is pretty cool!

Many of the upper part rivers of the Bay have tidal bores but if you’re unfamiliar with the areas, you might have some trouble finding them. Tidal bores are visible on both sides of the Bay.

The bore time varies depending on where you are to view it from the riverbank. The best way to experience the tide changes is to go white water rafting in it; it’s more fun to raft in it then watching it from the shore.

By visiting the Bay, you can expect to be rewarded with a breathtaking coastline, endless adventures and magnificent tides.